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Freight Forwarding in Manchester & Leeds. Need a shipment sent from /to Manchester & Leeds ?


1. Marine Cargo Insurance

Ship Confidently With Great Cargo Insurance

Through our relationship with Insurance Brokers, we provide cover for the movement of goods by sea, air, rail and road including additional risks for UK domestic transits, warehousing, intercompany transits, exhibitions and returned goods.

We can help you to find affordable cargo insurance with broad coverage, advise on how to settle claims faster, and delivers peace of mind.

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2. Trade Finance Application

Apply for Trade Finance Credit with confidence.

Through our relationship with Banks and Credit partners, we can support you towards your application for Trade Finance Credit and help you to finance your trade and optimise the management of your cash flow.

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3. FX Risk Hedging

Lock in your rate to protect your business from future currency market volatility.

FX risk management is key to ensure the financial health of your company. We will give you the support you need to Identify and avert risk in unstable market conditions, achieve clear budgeting and protect your profit margins from foreign currency fluctuations

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4. International Payments​​

Pay all over the world quickly and securely.

Our connections with payment schemes all around the world allow you to pay your suppliers, employees and business partners in the currency that’s right for them and you.

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5. Currency Accounts

Get in-country account details in your name to collect locally.

Simplify your operations by collecting money globally without the need for multiple bank accounts or a local presence.

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6. Letter of Credit

Ensure that the documentary requirements are followed to the letter.

Accuracy of documentation in accordance with the L/C is of paramount importance, as any slight mistakes will result in bank charges for amendments and will also delay shipping. We can help you with checklists and review of your documentation.

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6. Supply Chain Screening & Risk Analysis

Ensure that your suppliers’ risks are proactively mitigated.

We can provide screening against OFAC Sanctions and Watch Lists, as well as credit risk analysis for your main suppliers to help you to  proactively manage your risk.

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Let's Work Together

"Customs & Freight is a reliable and proactive partner that helps us to navigate safely the world of Customs Compliance and succeed in our International Trade Business"

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